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Positive Thinking

Doctor : 
Your Liver is enlarged 
Patient : 
Does that mean it has space for more whisky ? 
This is called...
- Positive Thinking..

India-Pak cric

For Moms

A small kid asked his mom - Mom - how do you always know how to solve my problems ,??   
Mom replied .... well you know God makes us take an exam to be able to know and solve all your problems before we become mummy . Only when we pass the test we become Mom !!!
The kid gave a knowing smile and said - 'I understand... If you fail in the test you become Daddy' !! 

For all the moms in the group





Women's Day

Did you know the history of Women's Day:
Initially Women's Day was planned on 6th March...
Women took 2 days to get ready. That's how it got postponed to 8th March!!! 
Men's Day was also planned...

But as usual, they forgot the date!!!