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A couple decided to commit suicide. After a rough life, they decided to jump off of a building. When they got to the top, they both counted to three. The man jumped, but the woman stayed.

She watched him drop for about 8 seconds and then saw a parachute open.
Now the question is .......
Who cheated whom???




Men will be men

An old man owned a pond on his farm, lined with fruit trees...
One day he went there with a basket to get fruits...
On reaching, he found some young ladies swimming in the pond...
They went in deep water to shield themselves and said: We won't come out until you leave...
Old man: I'm not here to see you swim or to get you out of the pond. I'm here just to feed the Crocodile in the pond !!!
All the women rushed Out.

Moral: No matter the age, Men will be men..




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