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Wives and Knives

Q : What is the difference  between a Wife's arguments and a Knife?

Ans.: The knife has a point..


Being a Man

Olympics and India

First complete your homework and studies, then go and play."

Just because of this one sentence India has lost thousands of Olympic golds!!




Doctor and Student

Similarity between doctor and student:.

Doctor after operation and student after exam give same answer.. 

"We tried our best, can't say anything now."






Rahul Gandhi series

Rahul Gandhi calls the Help Desk to complain a computer problem.
Rahul Gandhi - When I type computer password, it just shows star star star star. What's the problem?
Help Desk - Those stars are to protect you, so that if a person is standing behind, he can't read your password.
Rahul Gandhi - Yeah, but stars appear even when there is no one standing behind me.
Help Desk - Now we know you are the Rahul Gandhi..